FANUC ROBOCUT is a High Precision Wire Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)

The FANUC ROBOCUT enables fast, accurate electrical discharge machining. This combination, along with the latest FANUC CNC technology and highly reliable electric discharge generator will yield unrivaled performance.

Low maintenance and ease of use systems allow the machine to run unmanned for long time periods while keeping running costs to a minimum.

  • Latest FANUC 31i-WB control with Panel iH Pro
  • Easy to use 15 inch touch screen with on screen guidance
  • Twin servo wire tension control
  • Servo work pan water level control
  • Advanced automatic wire feed enabling safe unmanned operation
  • Easy-to-use CORE STITCH function to ease unmanned machining
  • Automatic in-path wire re-threading
  • 5 axis control
  • High rigidity casting featuring heat insulating structure
  • Improved Automatic Wire Feed AWF3
  • Lower running cost with wire consumption saving mode
  • Energy savings with power consumption monitor and energy saving mode
  • Handy controller
  • Part Program storage 4 MB

robocut MODELS


Travel (X x Y x Z)
400 x 300 x 255 mm
Max. Workpiece Size
730 x 630 x 250 mm
Max. Workpiece Mass
500 kg
UV Axis travel
± 60 x ± 60 mm


Travel (X x Y x Z)
600 x 400 x 310 / 410 (Z Option) mm
Max. Workpiece Size
1050 x 820 x 300 / 400 (Z Option) mm
Max. Workpiece Mass
1000 kg
UV Axis travel
± 100 x ± 100 mm


Travel (X x Y x Z)
800 x 600 x 310 / 510 (Z Option) mm
Max. Workpiece Size
1250 x 975 x 300 / 500 (Z Option) mm
Max. Workpiece Mass
3000 kg
UV Axis travel
± 100 x ± 100 mm


ROBOCUT CCR is a highly accurate rotary axis that is available exclusively for the FANUC ROBOCUT. The CCR is an extremely compact unit designed for full synchronized, fully submersible cutting and due to its compact size it occupies very little space on your ROBOCUT table.

ROBOCUT CAMi is a computer based software package specifically engineered for the FANUC ROBOCUT wire EDM. It has a full library of the latest cutting conditions along with additional features which are exclusive to the FANUC ROBOCUT.