fanuc academy

FANUC South Africa supplies Factory Automation and CNC systems to local Machine Tool Builders and Retrofitters who specialize in rebuilding and retrofitting machines and extending their life or changing their function.

The FANUC CNC systems can even be enhanced further by adding additional software options. This will ensure you get the best possible cycle times and nicest part finishes your machine can offer.

training courses

cnc system training

We currently offer training on the latest FANUC 0i-F Plus series controls. This course encompasses the operation and programming of the control, with a focus on FANUC control specific operation, and G-code training. ​

The course also includes basic maintenance such as changing batteries and fans.​

robot training

Training is conducted using dedicated training cells which house a FANUC six-axis robot with the latest FANUC R-30iB Plus series controller. The course encompasses everything you need to know about FANUC Robots including programming, coordinate systems, peripheral device and end effector control. The course also includes basic maintenance procedures like backing up the controller or restore a previously saved backup.

More advanced courses which include Welding, FANUC iRVision, Collaboration capabilities are also available.

other training courses

Don’t see a course specific to your needs? Contact us for more info and we’ll gladly assist with your enquiry.

We also have training equipment and software which can be purchased to complete in-house company training or be used in your very own training center!